LVFG series

family-LVFG-400x400LIVEN LVFG series deep cycle gel (70Ah-160Ah) VRLA (Valve regulated lead acid) GEL batteries are designer with superfluous electrolyte evenly distributed in a special PVC-SI02 separator and a patented grid design. This battery is perfect for cyclic use and high temperatures (Telecom, UPS, photovoltaic and wind power systems) and has a greater ability to withstand heat and deep discharge. 

With 15 years design life, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as JIS, IEC896-2, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.



  • Specifically ideal for 19 inches or 23 inches power cabinets
  • Front terminals make the installation, maintenance and supervision easy
  • Shield designs protect terminals from short circuit and show good appearance
  • Unique vent valve design: reduce water losing and prevent air/spark going inside
  • Thick plates, special formula of paste and plate manufacturing process for a long service life
  • ABS material: increase the strength of battery container (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)
  • Long discharge time
  • Suitable  for standby power and energy storage power use
  • Special plate design, long cycle fife
  • Using special lead-calcium alloy to boost up the grid anti-corrosive performance and extend the battery using life
  • Special separators boost up the battery internal performance
  • High thermal capacity, reduce the risk of thermal runaway and drying up, can be used in poor environment
  • High gas recombination efficiency
  • Little water losing, no electrolyte stratification phenomenon
  • Long storage time
  • Good deep discharge resilience performance
  • Use nano-fumed silica, with small particle size, and big specific surface area.



  • For standard 19 inches or 23 inches power cabinets
  • Network connection equipment of communication system
  • Power system of special network or local area network
  • UPS standby power supply
  • Power station systems
  • Railway and marine systems



ModelVol.Cap.LWHTotal HWTerm.
VAh/C20mmmmmmmmkg +/-4%type

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