GEL Puro

LivEN Pure GEL  batteries are designer for cyclic use and high temperatures (Mobility, marine, photovoltaic and wind power systems, caravaning) and has a greater ability to withstand heat and deep discharge.

With extended years design life, the batteries comply the most popular international standards, such as JIS, IEC896-2, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.


LEVG series


  • 17Ah-70Ah
  • Deep cycle GEL VRLA
  • 10 years design life

LVG series

  • 17Ah-240Ah
  • Deep cycle GEL VRLA
  • 12 years design life

LVFG series

  • 70Ah-160Ah
  • Deep cycle GEL VRLA
  • 15 years design life

LVTG series

  • 2V 90Ah-3000Ah
  • Deep cycle Stationary GEL VRLA
  • 18 years design life

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