Tecnología AGM

Una batería VRLA-AGM es una batería de plomo-ácido para el almacenamiento eléctrico:

  • family-LVL-400x400 Sealed with special compound epoxy and using pressure controlled vent valves.
  • Starved electrolyte design-acid solution is absorbed in separators.
  • Using a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases.
  • Non spillable -can be operated in any position. But, upside-down installation is not recommended.
  • Maintenance free. But connections must be retorqued and the batteries should be cleaned periodically.

A VRLA-AGM battery uses recombinant technology. The oxygen produced from the positive plates of the battery is absorbed by the negative plates. This suppresses the generation of hydrogen at the negative plates. The recombination of oxygen and hydrogen leads to Water, retaining the electrolyte amount within the battery. Water filling is never required. Battery should never be opened as this would damage the battery with additional oxygen from the air. The warranty will be void if the battery is opened.

Tecnología GEL-VRLA

family-LVG-400x400What is gel? Gel is usually produced by homogeneous dispersion of pyrogenic silica in diluted sulfuric acid. Pyrogenic silica is a kind of powder of very well dispersed SiO, which absorb more than 10 times of its weight liquids, producing gel. Because of the thixotropic properties of gel (liquid by stirring and solid by resting), after a certain gelling time, the agglomerates are connecting themselves together to form a network which keeps the liquid inside and gives the gel structure. This form can be broken by stirring to single agglomerates giving again a liquid form.

Main difference from AGM batteries:

  • Using gel SOL as electrolyte
  • Using the extra microporous separator which can: reduce the depolarization of the negative electrode and avoid the PCL 3 effect (premature capacity loss due to negative plate sulphation); significantly decreases thermal runaway; during deep discharge or pole reversal, help to prevent short circuits by dendrite growth between the plates.
  • Plate thickness tolerance is not critical since the high compression of plate group assembly is not required.
  • More electrolytes for better contact with plates and active materials and container walls, good for releasing internal heat and cooling battery temperature.
  • Better vent valve design to lower gassing rate and eater losing rate to extend battery lifetime.

Tecnología OPz

OPzV tubular gel VRLA (Valve regulated lead acid)

GEL batteries are designed with this main technological advantages:

family-OPzV-400x400Completely sealing throughout the batteries life. Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous oat operation down to approx. 50% capacity. Gel electrolyte. Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.
Minimum space required and room requirements are minimal e.g no washing facilities needed, ventilation requirements are minimal. Easy to move and handle and easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.

Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work. Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation.

Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20ºC ambient temperature. High cyclic ability over 400 cycles when discharged at 10 hours rate to an end voltage of 1.8Volt/cell at 20ºC. Deep discharge protected, a load can be connected to the battery for up to 4 weeks.

No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure. No acid stratification, so no equalizing charge necessary.


OPzS batteries provide the following advantages.

Positive tubular plates can effectively prevent shedding of active material. The spines are casted by multi-alloy, of which the crystals are very fine and compact, in order to achieve excellent corrosion resistance and long service life. Negative at plates are pasted plates with wavy construction, improving hugely utilization rate of active material and high current discharge property. Also the charging acceptance ability is very good.

Container: SAN transparent container, better corrosion resistance, higher strength, nice appearance. People can directly see the internal construction and actual situation of batteries through SAN containers.

Separator: Imported PVC-SI02 separator from Amersil, a famous European company. This kind of separator has large pore rate and lower electrical resistance.

Terminal sealing: Lead pillar with copper insert has better current loading property and better corrosion resistance. Private sealing construction can effectively eliminate the stress caused by plate growth in later period of battery operation. This can prevent any leakage and make sure the reliability of pillar sealing so as to improve hugely battery service life.

Anti-acid plug: Special funneled anti-acid plug can lter acid mist and is ame resistant. This is convenient for direct measuring the density and temperature of electrolyte. It is safe and easy to maintain.

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